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What we do

Since 2016, Empowered U has been empowering youth through a number of enrichment programs. At Empowered U, we believe that an essential part of making a difference is to keep residents in the know about all of our latest updates. We hope to provide an insight into all enrichment related matters, and strive to be leading experts in our industry. 

Volunteer with us

The work we do at Empowered U is not possible without the support of our volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, leave your contact information below

Intern with us

Connect with Empowered U

We’re available for partnerships with like-minded businesses that also have a goal of seeing more young people being empowered. Empowered U is available for community events, workshops and bookings through speaking engagements. Please submit your request below.

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4458 Augusta Rd. Unit 3A Lexington, SC

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