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Building Self-Esteem

Self esteem is a person's opinion and judgement of their self- worth. Positive or high self-esteem is a good opinion of yourself, while negative self-esteem is a poor option of yourself. Self-esteem impacts your behavior and self talk. 

Where does low self-esteem

come from?

Have you ever had family, friends or teachers say negative or hurtful things to you? Have you failed at something you have tried to accomplish, or felt like a failure? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, please know that you are not alone. When a situation like this occurs, it may influence the development of your self-esteem and you will being to believe "you are not enough." Self-esteem can be defined as the way we feel about and value ourselves or your inner thoughts and the opinion of others. We all have some form of self-esteem, whether it is positive or negative, high or low.

Happy Family

How can I improve low self-esteem?

Your Friend Circle

What company do you keep?

Surround yourself with people who treat you well. Some people act in ways that tear you down. Others lift you up by what they say and do; speaking positive words in your life. Learn to tell the difference between the two. Choose friends who help you feel good about being who you are.. 


What are you telling yourself?

How you see yourself plays the most important role in your self-esteem. It will shape your thoughts and what you allow into your life. If you have negative self talk, you will build a negative view of yourself. write down positive affirmations, read them out loud until you believe it. 

Accept YOU

Embrace your flaws

Success looks different for everyone. Your journey will not be the same as others. Remain focus on your dreams and goals. Embrace your journey. Accept your best. Let yourself feel good about that. Ask for help if you can't get past a need to be perfect.

Be Positive

What is going well?

Instead of focusing on things that aren't going well in your life, begin to look at the the things that are going well. Catch yourself when you complain about yourself or your day. Find something that went well instead. Don't focus so much on you all the time. Learn to give to others. When you begin to give help to others, you will be proud of yourself and realize how awesome you really are. 

Women Playing Tennis


*** Optional*** Perception Worksheet. Click picture. Email completed worksheet

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Reflection Worksheet. Click picture. Email completed worksheet

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Accomplishment worksheet. Click picture. Email completed worksheet. 

Friends Taking Selfie

Value Statement

You won't complete this today, but begin to brainstorm your value statement. We will discuss this later, but you can get a head start! Click picture for more information



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