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Authentic Living

When the words you speak match the path of your feet. The only way to live an authentic life is to take ownership of your existence and hold yourself to a higher standard of living. One that will be distinct. Taking ownership of your own existence means that you accept your intrinsic value and understand the power that your emotions can have on your decision making. Taking ownership is controlling what you are able to control in your life experience and not allowing the circumstances that you cannot control to determine your path.

Pillars of Ownership


What do you believe?

Foundationally, your beliefs will be the bottom line for everything you do. Others cannot determine your beliefs for you because, ultimately, this is your life and only you can live it. Your beliefs may grow and evolve as you learn and experience life, but your beliefs and ability to believe will greatly impact your life path.


Know your Value

The cornerstone of building your foundation is knowing how much you are worth. If you do not begin with accepting your own value, then your foundation will be reliant on circumstances and others to dictate your value. Your value is intrinsic.


It is part of who you are

Emotions can be one of your biggest allies and at the same time, one of your biggest enemies. You must allow yourself to experience your emotions as they come your way. It is key to recognize the power your emotions have to control your vision and actions, but also recognize the power you have over them.


Where do you want to go?

You cannot build to where you want to go without knowing where it is you are trying to get to. Know where it is that you desire to be. Keeping a clear vision means that you are keeping a greater perspective on things as they come your way. When you know where you want to go, obstacles may only slow you down instead of derail you.


Understand what you can control

There are three areas of your life that you have the ability to control: Response, Attitude and Effort. Roadblocks in life are inevitable but knowing what is and what isn’t in your control help you to navigate solutions and propel you forward to achieving your goals.

Outdoor Workout

Who am I?

Self-Awareness Worksheet. Click picture. Email completed worksheet

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What's important?

Value Worksheet. Click picture. Email completed worksheet

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Traits and Qualities

***Optional*** Traits and Qualities worksheet. Click picture. Email completed worksheet. 

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Perception Worksheet. Click picture. Email completed worksheet 



Watch Now
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What is your WHY?

What is your purpose for life...

Find out what's important in your life. You do that by asking yourself why you love it and why it’s important to have it in your life.


You are done!

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