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Money 201

Fu​n Fact: Serial numbers are not just numbers. They also use letters as part of the alphanumeric code for the 12 Federal Reserve Banks. 

It's Time to Go SHOPPING!

Buy a Home

You have

10 minutes!


Go online and pick out your house. Go to google and type in Zillow. Write down purchase price and specs of your house

Email what you chose to:

Let's Learn about Money!

Buying a


Dealing with a Lender

The Cost of a Mortgage

What Mortgage can I afford?

Financial Literacy

Donation Jar

To Buy or Rent


Renting a place


Rules for Renting

Credit Card

Cost of Living

Let's Rethink your Purchase Decision

With the information that you have learned this far, would you make any changes? If so, use your same form and add your changes.

Things to Buy

You have

5 minutes!


Do you want to change your current house, or keep it? You have an opportunity to change it

Lesson 3

Complete on your own

You are done!

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