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You're not getting the results you want because you're not willing to change your behavior

What is Self-Control

Self-Control is the ability to control oneself, in particular one's emotions and desires or the expression of them in one's behavior, especially in difficult situations .


Habit 1 of Developing a Growth Mindset- Self Control

You are in control of your own thoughts

Monitoring your thoughts, will bring more stability to yourself  

You have command over your reactions and how you deal with difficulties 

You can't control every situation, but you can control how you react to a situation


Your attitude when you lose or fail, determines how long it will be before you succeed. 

Mastering self-control will help you preside over your choices.

Self-Control will keep you from that urge of going against your goals

It only takes the commitment of one person to change history


Steps to Building Self-Control 

Man in Blue Practicing Kung Fu

Practicing restraint when it’s easy not to

Yoga Session

Control the


Ring of Light Bulbs

Make a conscience choice to produce positive thoughts and feelings

Stressed Woman

Understand you can’t control people, you can only control YOU

Study group

Learn how to manage what you focus on daily

Happy Girl Jumping

Negative thoughts leads to negative behavior. Positive thoughts leads to positive behavior

“If you learn to control self, you can master anything”

You are done!

Hands-on Activity

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