Finance 101

Financial Literacy means you understand your financial position and you are organized in all your financial transactions. This keeps you from falling short on your budget and assures that important expenses are met. You are aware of every transaction and you are making smart financial decisions about it.

Why is Money Management Important

Negative Interest

You need to understand how interest rate effects the amount of debt that you owe. If you have a high-interest debt like a credit card, you might end up paying a lot more than what you actually used the credit for, just because of the interest.

Positive Interest

Saving is the best way to make your money work for you. When you place your money in savings account, it earns interest. That means the amount you save earns interest and even the accumulated interest will help you earn more. 


A budget plan monitors your cash flow (money coming in and money going out). It allows you to control and manage where your income will be spent.  A budget plan will allow you to identify what expenses to sacrifice in order to make way for a new one.

Lets Begin our Financial Class


Fun hands on activities. This class is for the kids to begin exploring and get idea of

Money 101


Fun hands on activities. This class is for the kids to become more serious about

Money 101

High School

This level will be taught by a teacher to prepare the youth to begin making responsible financial decisions. 

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