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It Starts With Your Mind

The mind is an immensely powerful tool to use to your advantage. Your mind has the power to create and inspire your actions to build what was never before seen. The mindset you carry will dictate your willingness to keep perspective as life provides twists and turns along your path. Only you have the power to develop a mindset that equips and sustains you, rather than empties and disrupts your authentic living.

Focus on Positive Thinking

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Find Gratitude 

A foundation to positive thinking is shifting your focus onto things that you are grateful for in your life. A mindset rooted in gratitude will develop a core principal of focusing on the good, generating a more positive outlook 

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Check Yourself 

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself why it is you’re thinking the way you are. Evaluate where you are and give yourself grace if you find yourself struggling. That is completely human. Be kind to yourself and always remember to find moments throughout the day to smile.

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Do What You Enjoy 

Life will get busy and we may find ourselves just going through the motions of the routine as the days and weeks pass by. In order to sustain your positive mindset, be intentional about spending time doing things that you love. Decide for yourself what you enjoy to do and as Nike so famously coined… Just Do It!

The Four P’s of “The Modern-Day Mindset”


Think with purpose

Thoughts have the ability to inspire us or derail us, if we allow them to. Keeping a mindset centered on the personal vision you’ve set, will allow for you to be present in thoughts that may not be productive and help you shift your focus onto moving forward.


Solve for your own Happy

Only you can determine your happiness. Giving that power to anyone else will only lead to seasons of despair. A healthy perspective contains elements of listening, understanding and learning. A broader perspective is a stronger perspective and that only comes through learning


It takes time

Life is incredibly fast paced. The only way to truly sustain a “Modern-Day Mindset” is through your ability to be patient.  Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Developing patience with yourself, with others, and with the circumstances around you will lead to a greater ability to stay present in a mindset that is purposeful and positive


Knowledge is power

The mind is the most powerful tool at your disposal. That cannot be overstated. Approach every moment in your life as a learning moment. Approach every individual you meet in a posture of learning. Your mindset is refined through the knowledge that you are able to cultivate from your life experiences. The more knowledge you attain, the stronger your ability to communicate to yourself and others will be

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Gratitude Journal

*** Optional*** Gratitude Worksheet. Click picture. Email completed worksheet

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Reflection Worksheet. Click picture. Email completed worksheet



Accomplishment worksheet. Click picture. Email completed worksheet. 

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Value Statement

You won't complete this today, but begin to brainstorm your value statement. We will discuss this later, but you can get a head start! Click picture for more information

Healthy Mindset

Healthy Mindset

Healthy Mindset
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Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

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Mamba Mentality - Kobe Bryant (Motivational Video)

Mamba Mentality - Kobe Bryant (Motivational Video)

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POSITIVE MIND in 5 Minutes Meditation

POSITIVE MIND in 5 Minutes Meditation

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You are done!

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