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Discovering my Purpose

You are your biggest obstacle, you are standing in your own way of your potential. The biggest challenge you will ever face is learning how to overcome yourself. If you can learn to master yourself and your thoughts, you have achieved the greatest level of mastery. Where you are in life is because of what you think and believe you to be. You have told yourself over and over why you can’t be successful in life. 

Writing on Glass

What do you want more of in your life? (something you can't touch)

Thinking Man

If nothing changes in your life, what will that feel like to you?

If you learn from mistakes, why are you so afraid to make them?

If you purse that dream that scares you the most, what is the worst that can happen?




As Iron Sharpens Iron, we are men that sharpens one another. We are men that are set apart, that are noticeably and intentionally different.  Men of integrity, standard and purpose.  Men that are morally and spiritually right. Despite the stereotypes and what they label us, Despite the statistics we are here to make an ImpACT.  


Women with a Cause

One day she discovered that she had the power to speak life. She discovered that she was strong, bold and she was brave. She one day realized her worth and that day, SHE became unstoppable and made an ImpACT.

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