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Resume Building

A resume will give you the opportunity to organize and categorize your experience, and can be useful when filling out applications to maintain consistency and accuracy 

Before Writing a Resume

Checking Text on a Document


Research the jobs that you are interested in. This way you can be sure to include the value pieces relevant to the job. Find the keywords in job requirements and use them



Find others who are in the career or job you're interested in applying for. Ask what experience employers are looking for when hiring. 



After locating those in the same career or job, ask and research what requirements are employers looking. Collect information on the company, career path, industry and job specifics

What to Include in the Resume

Highest Education

Put the Education section of your resume towards the top of the page. Include not only the school you went to and the degree you received but also any other achievements.


You may have limited work experience, but you have plenty of other experiences you can draw on.  fill in clubs you have participated in, internships you have held, and volunteer positions you have worked


 List some of the responsibilities you held in that job or position. Go beyond simply saying what you did. List any achievements that prove you can add value to an organization. For example, perhaps you won “Employee of the Year” at work.


Customize the skills section of your resume to match the job you're interested in. The closer your skills match the job requirements, the better your chances are for being selected for an interview.



Watch Now


Less is more. Don't include the things that aren't relevant. Demonstrate your value


Keep it short. You won't have a lot of information on your first resume. Keep it at one page


Don't have long paragraphs without bullets. You want your resume to be easy to ready and follow


Don't Start phrases with "I." Start your statements with skill, action, or accomplishment words, such as "analyzed," "created," or "reduced."


Personal information suchas height, weight, birth date, age, sex, religion, political affiliation, or place of birth. Employers shouldn't make employment decisions based on these factors


Resume Examples


The DON'Ts of your Resume


How to Send an Email

Two Computer Screens


Before you begin writing your email, identify the purpose of the email and make sure your email accompany the goal

A Man Looking at his Tablet Device

Be Brief

Keep you your email straight to the point. Make sure you address your goal quickly. Consider your audience and the tone of your email. 

Laptop Typing


Be professional and use proper etiquette. You want your greeting to be courteous and your closing to be friendly and polite. Do not use any slang words and always write in complete 


Business Email Formatting 

1. Subject Line

Short phrase to summarize the reason for the email

"Follow Up: Job Interview"

2. Salutation

This is the email greeting


"Good Afternoon Mr. Smith"

3. Body

In this section you will share the purpose of the email

"Thank you for the opportunity to interview on-site at the Marshall & Ilsley office in Milwaukee. I found my observation hour in the Loan Department very interesting and was impressed with the total number of customers and accounts that are being reviewed on a daily basis."

4. Closing

This is the end of the email and where you sum up the email goal. This is your call to action! 

"I look forward to speaking with you on Monday. Thanks again!"

5. Signature

The signature is where you identify yourself by name, title and any other information 


John Smith
Senior Software Engineer
Empowered U Company, Inc.”

6. How Send an Attachment with your Email through Gmail

Click on the button below to find out how to send your resume along with a message to your company of interest via email. 

Hands on Activities

Let's Get Started!

**Uncover skills is OPTIONAL**

Uncover Skills

Job Objective

Job Requirements

List Skills

Resume Worksheet

You are done!

**You will not finish step 5 right now, but it's a good idea to begin the Resume Worksheet and building your resume. 

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