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Every . Day . God . Encounter

There are 46 million young people, aged 8 - 18, living in America. 16 million of them are growing up without a mentor. On any given night in the United States in 2015, 47,000 youths were incarcerated, of that same 47,000, 73% were in for nonviolent offenses.  The cost to lock up a youth is an average of $407.58 a day; which is an annual rate of $148,767. 

Edge U is a transitional program for youth; leaving the juvenile justice system and transitioning back into the community and schools.  The goal of this program is to help youth get back on their feet mentally and emotionally; reaching a place spiritual development.


  • Life Skills 

  • Transitional Assistance

    • creating a plan​

  • Academic Support

  • Career Development 

  • Financial Education 

  • Social Services 

  • Counseling 

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