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Applying for Jobs 

Employment can be beneficial for youth by teaching responsibility, organization, and time management and helping to establish good work habits, experience, and financial stability.

When Filling Out Job Applications:

Be Neat

Be detailed oriented. When completing a handwritten application, be sure to use your best handwriting.  

Follow Directions

Fill in the entire application. Do not leave any spaces blank. Employers look for how well you can follow directions.

Show Value

Make a list of quality references (name, contact and job title). Be sure to list all your accolades, and past experience.


Follow up with the employer to see if they received your application. Also, remember to check your voicemail. 

Measure Twice; Cut ONCE 

Meaning: Always check behind yourself!


Make a Copy

Employers all ask for pretty much the same information, often even in the same order. Makes applying easier next time. 


Error Check

Before submitting application in person or digitally, double check for spelling and grammatical errors. 

How to fill out a Job Application

School Application

In-Person Application

When filling out an application in person, be prepared for an interview. You never know if the company will have a few minutes and are in a hurry to hire someone. So come dressed to impress!



Be sure to complete the entire application and pay attention to details. Employers may use the application form to judge how well you follow instructions


Hand Written Application

Be sure to use black or blue ink. DO NOT use any colorful ink.

Executives at Work

Work Experience 

Give complete and accurate names, dates, addresses, phone numbers, job titles, dates of employment, etc. Use your resume as a guide and make sure it lines up. Do not write/type "anything" for when position is asked.

Dollar Bill in Jar

Expected Salary

Employers may use this question to screen out applicants. Be sure to research the average salary of the job. It is best to give a salary range or to respond with “negotiable."


Reason for Leaving

Do not bash your previous employers. Acceptable answers include: “school conflict,” “conflicting hours,” “better opportunities for advancement,” or “seasonal employment.”

Job Application

Job Application

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Hands on Activities 

Let's Get Started!

Before preceding you must choose your career. See your options!

Type your career choice in career outlook to find quick facts. (pay, job outlook, etc)


How much do you know about the career you want? Click below to find out salary range and carer outlook

Practice 1

Now it's time to put your skills to the test! Complete your practice job application


Be sure to read instructions on employment options and positions above. Click link below for application

Complete Occupational Outlook Quick Facts

Email completed sheet

You are done!

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