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Be Consistent

Consistency is Key. Your ability to put in the time, energy and effort to build toward your vision on a consistent basis will only prepare you for the success to come. The goals you set in life will require consistent effort to be achieved. Your ability to stay consistent with healthy and purposeful habits will develop perseverance to continue forward in the growth

What does it mean to be Consistent?

The “Modern-Day Man” is someone who always behaves the same way, regardless of circumstance. Their attitude towards people or things, remains the same. Our capacity for consistency in our daily lives increases as we continue to invest in building our solid foundations of personal ownership and the “Modern-Day Mindset.” 


Keys to Consistency


A Valuable Resource

In life, the component of time may be the most consistent life-aspect that you experience. Time is constantly moving at a steady pace. Time is something that can never be given back, it only moves forward. In light of how time moves, you must take ownership of your own time. Use the time that you are given to build towards the vision and goals you set for yourself. Move yourself forward.


Respect your Circle

Show me who you spend time with, and I will show you where you will be in five years. This is an age old saying, but it still rings true today. The people who you connect with and invest time with play a crucial role in your personal consistency. Seek out individuals who you look up to and ask for their guidance. Develop friendships that challenge you to move forward towards your goals. Find others to inspire along the way. Your consistency in action will come through the expansion of your connection with the world around you.


Just Keep Going

Be persistent in achieving your goals. Do not let things outside of your control dictate your drive and your effort to bring your vision to life. Most will set goals and never give them a chance to be achieved because they stopped putting in the work when things got difficult or didn’t go as planned. Authentic living requires a commitment to being committed. Without persevering through the struggle, you will not understand the sweetness of victory.


Effective Practices

What you choose to do day in and day out will ultimately produce what you see in front of you. Developing good habits and healing from bad habits are both vital to establishing your authentic life. Decide for yourself what is a good habit and a bad habit. Be consistent with your good habits and be consistent with resisting your bad habits. Create the habits in your life that build towards your vision. You will find a sense of fulfillment and gratitude when your actions align with your beliefs.


Remember Your Why

You will without a doubt face obstacles and frustration in what life brings your way. These moments can cause delay in achieving and even complete deterrence from the goal we are building toward. Staying accountable with your consistent action relies on your foundational why. When things get tough, remember why it is you are doing what you are doing. Reignite the passion that existed in the onset of creating your vision. Bring those in your circle that you trust into your journey. Share your goals and have them hold you accountable. Success is both an individual and community achievement.

Consistency for Boys

Consistency for Boys

Watch Now

Formula of Success

Gym Workout

Set Goals

To achieve success, you must first define what your success – in any endeavor – looks like. Visualize what your success will look like and then set goals to help you attain that success. Setting goals helps you track your progress while also helping you map out your process toward accomplishing the vision at hand. Create deadlines to keep you focused and help you stay committed to getting the job done.


Learn from Failure

Authentic men do not view failure negatively, in fact, to them failure is a critical component of generating success. From a basic perspective, how can you even know what success is if you do not know what it isn’t? Failure is the first step in solving the problem. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. If what you tried didn’t work, take a step back and try something different. 

Man at his Desk

Put in the Work

Without consistent effort, your success will be hard to come by. Be willing to put in the work to make your dreams become a reality. Only you can make that decision for yourself. Success is bred by the effort put in. Plans don’t always work out as previously thought, but putting the effort in, regardless of circumstance, cultivates success


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